Global Migration

Traitor Theresa Signing Global Migration Pact Is Moral Blackmail And National Suicide

Theresa May will be known in history as a Prime Minister who continually promised voters conservative policies, but implemented the exact opposite. She promised to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, the Single Market, and the Customs Union, but has done a volte-face, and is now trying to shackle the country into […]

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Sowell’s Stunning

Sowell’s Stunning Response To Our Modern Messiahs Of Equality

‘The world has never been a level playing field,’ quips economic historian David S Landes. ‘Heck, don’t we know that?’ chorus the Left. ‘That is why we are the demolition men and women of this world. Armed with dynamite, wrecking balls, bulldozers and earthmovers, our vision is to pulverise the evil of inequality and create […]

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Uk Schools

Uk Schools To Teach 4-Year-Olds How To Masturbate

Four-year-olds in English schools are to have lessons in “how we touch our own and each other’s bodies” under the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) programme which will become compulsory in September 2020. The “All About Me” sex education curriculum for Reception (age 4-5) instructs teachers to give children “the opportunity to explore a […]

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