Disadvantages of Democracy


Democracy is considered to be the ideal form of government. Therefore, most countries in this world are democratic to some extent. It is a system where people will elect their leader who will rule as per the expectation and aspirations of the people. Democracy is vital for the development of people and the nation. It is also crucial for freedom of life, which is essential for the citizens to stay happy.
Even though democracy is a very effective form of governing, only some democratic countries are developed. Others are still developing. This is mainly due to the defect in the democratic system.
You can look into this article to learn some of the negative sides of democracy that are hindering the growth of many nations.



One of the most obvious drawbacks of democracy that drags the country backward is corruption. Even though the people elect the leaders, they will be in a position for a long time. Hence, they will tend to use the power to make money. Once they have lost their power, they have the choice of moving to other countries, thus evading the law of the nation. When the leaders of the nations are after money and personal profit, industries and companies can bribe the leader and get many benefits from the nation.
In a democracy, only collective efforts can control the chances of corruption. Therefore, not just the leaders of the nation but every individual in the country, including leaders, officials, people, and businessmen, everyone should work against corruption.

Misuse of equality

As we know, one of the fundamental features of a democratic county is equality. But the rule of equality can be a significant reason for corruption.
Due to democracy, no single person or body can control the smaller leaders. They can defy their superiors. Thus, all the officials and leaders can compromise their duty and steal the nation’s resources and wealth, thus deceiving the common men. But this is not the case with countries that have one supreme power.
The chances for corruption are limited in countries that have one supreme power. But when it comes to democracy, since no single power has supreme authority, all the leaders and officials can demand bribes and steal the nation’s wealth to get rich.

No safety for the common men

In a democracy, the common man is not safe when the officials and political leaders who are meant to protect and safeguard their interest misuse their power. But unfortunately, even security personnel or police officers treat people differently. They favor people with money and power and neglect people who are socially and economically backward.

common men

Follow the divide and rule method

The leaders try to play the nasty divide-and-rule game to maintain their power. They divide people based on their state, language, religion, race, etc. This is an easy way to gain votes and get power.
This does not mean that democracy is bad and ineffective. But instead, democracy is the ideal way of governing the country. But it needs honest leaders and educated and informed citizens to support and make it effective.

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