Influence of Christianity on Democracy


Modern democracies are based on the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with ground work considered from various ancient scriptures and ideologies. Many modern democracies are based on the assumption that man is a God-given gift. If people follow the influence of Christianity on democracy, it is generally placed before will.
On the other hand, the French Revolution made democracy ‘the people’s will as the source of their civil power. Therefore, many studies have been conducted to analyze and consider the previous terms of clarification in both a philosophical and historical manner.

Meaning of the term democracy

It stands for the government by the people, the people, and the people. The right meaning of democracy has been the topic of discussion since historic times. People need to understand and grasp the term’s true purpose and to correspond the concept well to its reality. The profound impact of Christianity in the democratic world was seen only after the European civilization, which took place in historic times.
It follows Plato’s philosophy which is leaned towards a more mystical, idealistic, and poetic approach, contrary to Aristotle’s scientific and practical approach.

modern democracy

Christianity in a modern democracy

The definition of democracy given by Aristotle was slightly different from the ones we follow today in the modern, Western world. According to Aristotle, a democratic region had a mob mentality with anarchy. His concept of the word democracy was called a ‘free man,’ classified into – rulers, priests, and warriors. The rest of the population was manufacturers, builders, engineers, servants, and women. In short, this category was those associated with goods and services and was not enfranchised as citizens.
After Christianity appeared in the scene, it proclaimed the radical equality of all men, women, and different classes of society as one. It was based on the verse of Jesus, stating that all working-class hews, women, and men are one. This concept of the influence of Christianity in democracy led to a motion that touched the deepest level of human consciousness in moral and religious life.

Impact of Christianity on democracy and socialism

The Christian values and beliefs were later applied gradually in various human institutions as the process of moral education through family, schools, and other mediums of communication and service. It also helped develop society, encouraging people (especially men) to unleash their hidden energies.
In the 16th century, due to the increase in churches, and the existence of human rights guided by Popes, a sense of radical equality appeared in all classes of men and women. However, although Greece brought the concept of democracy, the right impact of it was not established until the laws of Christianity interrupted the necessary fields, providing fundamental equality in men and women, which was significantly absent in the Biblical theologies.

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