Main Features of Democracy


Democracy is considered the best form of government across the world. The main reason for democracy being this popular is that it puts the interest of its citizens first. Currently, many countries practice some sort of democratic system.
You can look into this guide to learn some characteristics of democracy and why they are the ideal form of government.


democratic country
In every democratic country, there will be a written constitution. The fundamental rules and laws that will guide the country or state will be written down in the constitution. A constitution will establish a legislature, judiciary, and executive and determine their power. It also consists of the citizens’ rights, and they clearly define the duties of the government and the citizens.

Popular participation in politics

One of the essential features of democracy is that it encourages people to participate in democracy. And a government that does not allow or enable popular participation in politics cannot be considered democratic.
Popular participation in democracy is not just a feature of democracy but the core of the system. People will have to participate directly or through a representative recognized by the citizens.


In any democratic state, people will unanimously select who will govern them. This is what is meant by legitimacy. Here citizens will decide who will administer the political affair of the nation or state. This is generally done by voting and will be recognized by the law-making body approved by the people.

Conduct periodic election

In a democratic country, people will have the ultimate power. So, to avoid any possibility of the political power being wielded by any one person or body, they will have a fixed tenure for conducting elections. For instance, the president will be elected for four years in the United States of America. After this, another election will be conducted to select the next government.
So, if one leader is administering the country for a long time, we cannot call it a democracy. Here people have the power to choose and change their leaders periodically.

There will be a separation of power

Separation of power means that the state’s political power will not be vested in a single person. Instead, it should be separated and shared to avoid any risk of dictatorship. Here the political power will be divided between the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judiciary.


Equality before law

In a truly democratic nation, everyone will be equal before the law. No one will be discriminated against based on their class or religion. Everyone will have to face the same law and be punished based on their actions. Even the leaders of the state are not above the law. They are also forced to face the law if they are found guilty.

Freedom of press

Another feature of a democratic nation is press freedom. This means that people are free to create print and can disclose and analyze government rules and laws. This is an effective method to bring accountability to the government.
Thus, various features make democracy the best form of government.

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