• Peter Murcott

An Elegy to the Virgin Birth

Garcia del Barco, Triptych of the Nativity

The Virgin Birth was once a literal belief

For Christians; but the doctrine brought such grief

To modern man — so having-come-of-age —

That he felt compelled to engage

Himself, with no effort spurned,

To cause all meaning to be turned

Upside down, through a labyrinth

Of abstruse thought, folk-lore and myth.

Thus a host of gentle scholars, teeming

To be heard, drained the Virgin Birth of all meaning;

Whilst solemnly, for all they’re worth,

Insisting: “We believe in the Virgin Birth…”

(Though in what way, one cannot see)

“But not gynaecologically.”

And who can fathom what is emerging? -

That Mary was and was not a virgin!

So, quiet, please, you gentle men,

Squeezing gentle words from a gentle pen,

I hereby confess that my intellect is slight —

It completely lacks your come-of-age insight;

But eternal truth for ever stands,

Despite the contemporary show of hands;

Nor can it e’er be blown off course

By thousands crying something false;

And though I know you don’t believe

The Bible as I do, it does say that those who leave

The way of understanding (words so dread)

Shall remain in the congregation of the dead!

The Rebel Priest team join in wishing our readers and supporters a very happy, blessed and meaningful Christmas and a logos-filled New Year!