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Authorities of Conservative Women in Christianity

Christianity offered submissive roles to women in most terms but significant roles in marriage and other ministry options in the dominant patriarchal world. Although in ancient times, many roles were prohibited for women in churches, in recent times, a majority of roles have been introduced to hold alignment for both men and women equally. For […]

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Christian Communism

A Brief Overview of Christian Communism

Christian Communism follows a theological view with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which mainly supports religious communism and other social systems. According to many communistic ideas and evidence from the Bible, many Christians established their own communist societies following the resurrection of Jesus. Christian Communism follows the koinonia concept, which directly translates to a typical […]

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Biblical Theology

6 Things to Know About the Biblical Theology

Biblical theology mainly focuses on the teaching in the Bible, written by individual authors. These teachings are published in scriptures as a part of the historical developments. Since scholars worldwide have used these theologies differently, they have been challenging to define in brief terms. This article has jotted down the ten things every Christian needs […]

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Bishop's Responsibilities

What are a Bishop’s Responsibilities?

Who is a Bishop? In Christianity, A Bishop is an ordained minister responsible for overseeing a diocese, which is an area including several congregations. In Christianity, especially among Roman Catholics, and Orthodox, Bishops are considered the successors of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. A Bishop is responsible for holding the sacrament of holy order and […]

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Religious Right

How Prominent Women Built and Sustained the Religious Right

The need for gender equality has forced women worldwide to fight for their rights in all aspects. For instance, in China, many women of the Muslim Uighur community are detained in the so-called “re-educated” camps and are forced sterilization. In Egypt, the school of marriage and divorce restrictions is not limited just to lower-class women […]

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How Are Bishops, Priests, And Deacons Different?

The Bishops, priests, and deacons are part of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy. Hierarchy strictly stands for “ordering”; in this sense, it means holy ordering of the Catholic Church. In layman’s terms Bishops are the chiefs of authority Priests and deacons serve as their assistance, right-hand men, co-workers, or helpers As of reports, on December 31, 2020, the Catholic Church […]

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Global Migration

Traitor Theresa Signing Global Migration Pact Is Moral Blackmail And National Suicide

Theresa May will be known in history as a Prime Minister who continually promised voters conservative policies, but implemented the exact opposite. She promised to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, the Single Market, and the Customs Union, but has done a volte-face, and is now trying to shackle the country into […]

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Christmas Party

Mr Diversity Scrooge Is The Party Pooper At The Office Christmas Party

Christmas decorations are going up in the office. The staff party is on everyone’s calendar, in anticipation of revelry and revelations. It offers an evening to let your hair down and end the year on a high. But with myriad cultural sensitivities and MeToo hysteria, has the Christmas party become a minefield of perceived offence […]

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Sowell’s Stunning

Sowell’s Stunning Response To Our Modern Messiahs Of Equality

‘The world has never been a level playing field,’ quips economic historian David S Landes. ‘Heck, don’t we know that?’ chorus the Left. ‘That is why we are the demolition men and women of this world. Armed with dynamite, wrecking balls, bulldozers and earthmovers, our vision is to pulverise the evil of inequality and create […]

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